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Upcoming Afro-fusion band, Fab Fusion are set to officialise their presence on the music scene with the launch of their debut album, “Embrace” on February 27 at the Old Mutual Theatre at Alliance Francaise. The band that comprises the duo of Brennan Wyngard and Faith Ganyau completed the album in November last year and has been distributing the music for over a month now.

“Our performances have been igniting corporate, private and public stages and our songs are inspirational.

“It’s mainly about embracing life and love,” said Wyngard.

The album’s title track aims to bring hope to cancer patients which is inspired by working with a number of cancer patients and organisations in the whole country.

Wyngard said the band’s catchy tracks were inspired by jazz, soul, pop, samba, afro and all different music genres giving their album an eclectic feel.

“The album ‘Embrace’ has tracks entitled ‘Rudo Ndimambara’, ‘Before’, ‘Embrace’, ‘Our Children’ and ‘What a Wonderful God’, which illustrates the diversity of themes in our music,” he said.

The band has come to be known as FaB Fusion Band, which is short for FaBulous and also derived from their initials Faith and Brennan.

On the album Wyngard and Ganyau engaged other musicians Wilbert Domboka, Tanaka Masocha and Marshall Domboka.

FaB Fusion was formed in 2012 when the two musicians came together in the name of music.

Although their first album is not yet out, they are already working on their second album that is due for release by the end of this year and they are also working on accompanying music videos for both projects.

Source : The Herald