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A 40 year-old unemployed man duped desperate job seekers in Masvingo under the pretext he was an official from the President’s Office and could facilitate their recruitment into the Zimbabwe National Army, a local court heard on Monday.

Tasangana Mawisere pleaded guilty to 12 counts of fraud when he appeared before Magistrate Oliver Mudzongachiso.

He was remanded out of custody to June 23 for sentencing after prosecutor Nancy Makuvise noted that Mawisere was not a first offender.

The court heard that on 12 May this year, Mawisere approached a Chiedza Mabvongo, an official in the ministry of youths, gender and employment creation, and claimed that he was a member of the CIO and was tasked to facilitate youth recruitment into the army.

Mabvongo then mobilised 12 youths for recruitment and met Mawisere at the District Administrator’s office a day later where he collected $42 from each job seekers.

He claimed that the money was meant to cover their medical examination expenses.

As proof of payment he gave each one of them photocopied receipts.

The court heard that Mawisere also misrepresented himself to one Dr Huwa that he was from the army and ordered the medical practitioner to conduct the medical tests before paying $20 to the doctor for each test on the 12.

After the tests, the 12 were told to go home and that they would be contacted shortly as training was due to commence on 19 May.

It was after they were told that that the army was not recruiting that it dawned on them that Mawisere had fleeced them.

A police report was made and investigations were carried leading to the arrest of Mawisere.

Source : New Zimbabwe