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Police have arrested two men in Norton after they were found in possession of $480 in fake notes. The two whose names were still being withheld were arrested last Monday on their way to Kadoma. Chief police spokesperson Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba said the two were arrested in the early hours of Monday.

“They were searched and police recovered $480 counterfeit notes. They had two $100 fake notes, two $50 fake notes, one $20 fake note and a $10 fake note,” she said.

She urged the public to thoroughly check notes given to then during any transactions to avoid being defrauded.

“People are also reminded to approach their nearest police station should they suspect that fake notes are being circulated or to contact the National Complaints Desk on telephone number (04) 703631,” Snr Asst Comm Charamba said.

In March, con-artists using fake notes resurfaced and are targeting businesspeople and vendors in and around the city.

Some of them were even targeting nightclubs, bars, EcoCash agents and vendors along major highways.

The conmen reportedly drive around with fake money in $20, $50 and $100 denominations.

These crooks buy goods using counterfeit notes and get change in genuine notes.

Most of these fake notes are made from bond paper which is softer than genuine notes.

Since the introduction of the multi-currency regime, fake notes in rand and United States dollars have been in circulation.

In May 2012, a Mt Darwin commercial sex worker who rushed to the police after being paid for her services with a fake $100 bill, exposed a Mukumbura man who had $37 000 in counterfeit notes.

The woman took Filver Katiyo to the police after he gave her the fake note.

At the police station, Katiyo implicated Shakie Gombo (39) of Zambezi Village in Mukumbura as the source of the money.

Katiyo led detectives to Zambezi Village in Mukumbura where Gombo was arrested leading to the recovery of fake $100 and $50 notes totalling $37 000.

Source : The Herald