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Controversy has once again rocked Zim hip-hop awards after allegations emerged that some nominees paid their way to be shortlisted. The awards ceremony will be held at the 7 Arts Theatre in Avondale on December 17.

The list, which was released last week Friday, saw social media ablaze with fans complaining that it was not reflective of the situation in hip-hop.

“I can comment, provided you don’t disclose my name. I can tell you that these awards are bogus. How can artistes hang around with organisers? It was obvious to find a bunch of them on the list. Some are paying to be nominated, which is not fair. I don’t have a grudge against the organisers, but I want justice,” said the source.

“I think the National Arts Council of Zimbabwe should intervene because this is killing talent in the music sector. If possible, the organisers should reveal who the judges were and the criteria used because I think they are not seeing the importance of these awards,” said another fan identified as Tatenda Shumba from Avondale.

“Why do we award trash? Is it a case of the best not having money to pay the organisers to be on the list or what? Who is to blame?” questioned Shumba.

Zim hip-hop founder Aldrian “Beefy” Harrison has dismissed the speculation saying the nominations were down on merit.

“We issued the list of nominees according to how it was judged. Artistes were asked to submit their work and we dealt with what we received. I am surprised by how people are reacting. If their artistes submitted they shouldn’t worry,” he said.Harrison said no one should tell them what to do because they had their own way of doing things.

“Who determines professionalism? We issue our list according to our own way. There is no rule of law that awards should or should not come in batches,” he said. Last year the awards also had some conflict with various musicians who claimed that it was not well organised.

Below is the full list of shortlisted nominees :

1.Best Male

Peekay, Schingy, Noble Styles, P.O.Y,


2.Best Female

Trae Yung, Blackbird, Mk47, Misty, Dice

3.Best Collaboration

Ma1 Remix – Peekay ft Roki, Briss Mbada,Legend Elly, Stunner, Mmt

Ndamutswa Remix – Shingi Mau Mau ft Brythreesixty , Illceey, Alvina, J Barz, Nowiz

Maborn Free Remix -Noble Styles ft Blackperl, Trae Yung, Dobba Don, Jay ,Snazzy amp Mr Knoxa, Boyz Remukute – Krimz beatz, Sinbad, Baller, Sharky, Noble Styles

Musanyepere Vanhu – Maskiri ft Munetsi and Quonfused

4.Best Hip-Hop Group

MMT, Team bho, Klap, Dolla Sign Music, Studio Fellonies

5.Best Newcomer

Noble Styles, Peekay, Calvin, Trey xl, Kid Active

6. Best Album

Masofa Panze 2 -Noble Styles, Blood Money Jacob – Poy, MMT LP – Mmt, The Many Moods – Trae yung, Number 1 – Mudiwa

7. Best Promoter

Blackbird – Hot Box, Promethious – Zim Hip-Hop Report, Plot Mhako – Jibilika Dance, Elton Bryce, Mark Vusani – It’s Bigger Than Hip-Hop

8.Best Diaspora

Rhymes Beatz, Rhyme Assassin, Capital K, Gt Beatz

9. Best Radio DJ

Jboss, Kvg, Tbass, l-roy, Davis Mugadza, Mariachi

10. Best Club DJ

Marc Vusani, Ray Diz, Dj Kenny, DJ Dee Nosh, DJ Carter

11. Best Gospel Act

Bry 360, Shingirayi Mau Mau, Illceey,

Mudiwa, Lil Megaz

12. Best Online Media

Mcpotar, Push Zw, Three Men on a Boat, Hvk, African Hip-Hop blog

13. Best Hip-Hop Journalist

Sindiso Dube, Nigel Pfunde, Yeukai Karengezeka, Tasha Gwiza, Blackbird

14.Video of the Year

Maskiri – Amai Kani, Mmt – Zvidhori, Blackbird – Waiting for Love, P.O.Y – Dirty Game, Schingy – Hamuko

15. Song of the Year

Tambisa – Tricky J, Ma1 – Peekay, Bho – Schingy, Number 1 – Mudiwa, Ghidha –


16.People’s Choice by public vote

Peekay, P.O.Y, Tehn Diamond, Mudiwa, Tricky J, Marques, Simba Tagz, Stunner, Maskiri, Schingy

17. Best Producer

Simba Tagz, Xnder, P2daoh, Krimz Beatz, Mr Knoxa

18.Lifetime Achievement – Mischief

The nominees for the following categories were due to be announced yesterday:

19. Best Solo Dancer, 20. Best Dance Group, 21. Best High School Act, 22. Best Freestyle Artiste.

Source : The Herald