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AN unidentified intruder was early this week shot dead by a guard at Roscommon farm in Chimanimani whilst allegedly trying to steal macadamia nuts. Police confirmed the incident, saying investigations were in progress.

Manicaland deputy provincial police spokesperson, Assistant Inspector, Muzondiwa Clean, said the incident happened at around 3am Sunday.

Clean said on the day in question, a group of ten unidentified men went to Roscommon farm, with the intention of stealing some macadamia nuts.

When the group got to the farm, Clean said, they tried to scare away a security guard, Lovemore Dhliwayo, 51, who was armed with a rifle but he resisted.

Sensing danger, Dhliwayo fired a shot in the air and the group fled into the darkness.

Clean said the men later returned, apparently armed with a new strategy but were spotted by Dhliwayo again, who fired another shot, this time hitting one of the suspects in the head.

“In the process, one of the thieves was shot in the head and died on the spot,” said Clean.

The man died on the spot and was found in possession of three kilogrammes of macadamia nuts.

The deceased’s body was ferried to Chipinge district hospital mortuary.

“Investigations are in progress to establish what transpired on the fateful day,” said Clean, urging local people to come forward and help identify the body. Macadamia nuts are mostly grown in the Chipinge area and are regarded as a good source of protein and usually people sell them for a living.

Source : New Zimbabwe