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The local fashion industry continues to grow as various platforms are opening for local designers to showcase their work. One of the platforms is the inaugural Fashion Forward Fashion Show slated for Joina City tomorrow.

“This fashion show will see a total of 12 upcoming designers that we scouted from different platforms including social media showcasing their work.

“They are unknown designers whose work is pretty good although they lack exposure,” said one of the founders of the show Nyasha Nyemba.

Nyemba also promised diversity and unique designs from the artistes whom, she said, were raw and talented.

Three shops – Lotus, Sapatos and Contros Hip Hop – will also showcase their clothes during the event.

“We are excited about the upcoming show.

“We are working on making it an annual winter event that will be exhibiting summer lines.

“Designers to look forward to include one Tanaka who is 18 years old and is based in Australian.

“His designs are pretty good and are western oriented. All the designers are unique in their own way” she said.

The show will be star-studded and entertainment will be provided by Cindy Munyavi and upcoming musician Nokwanda among others.

She said it was only a matter of time until local designers become influential as far as fashion trends were concerned.

She however urged them to be independent and be count on their creativity for recognition anywhere.

“Local designers might lack the resources but they have the talent and creativity that can take them far.

“I however encourage them to be innovative and come out with their own trends instead of copying international trends.

“We have success stories of the likes of Maita Marimo who showcased her designs in New York last year and Liam Fahy who sells some of the most expensive shoes in the world.

“They are proof that local designers can get far and make their mark in the fashion world,” she said.

The show is being sponsored by Black Opal and Booties Pharmacy.

Source : The Herald