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A 29-year-old man was arrested after he connived with a taxi driver to defraud his sister’s daughter of $600 on the pretext that they could fast-track her entry into the Zimbabwe Republic Police.

Jabulani Nxumalo allegedly approached Tonderai Mashonganyika (37), who was employed as a taxi driver by Kuyedza Mini- cabs at CID Headquarters and gave him his sister’s phone number.

Mashonganyika called Nxumalo’s sister and introduced himself as a senior police officer who could fast-track her daughter’s recruitment into the police force before demanding $600 for the service.

However, the plan backfired for the two when they were arrested.

Nxumalo and Mashonganyika, who are out on bail, are expected to appear before Mr Tendai Mahwe tomorrow.

Prosecutor Miss Sharon Mashavira alleges that on February 5 Nxumalo, who was aware that his niece, Ennah Chitiyo, was on the police waiting list, gave Mashonganyika his sister’s phone number and asked him to call her and pretend that he was a senior police officer who could facilitate her daughter’s recruitment for a fee.

It is alleged the pair agreed that they would share the proceeds.

On the same day at around 8pm, Mashonganyika called the complainant and introduced himself as Assistant Inspector Marimo from the ZRP Recruiting Department.

Mashonganyika went on to misrepresent that he had the capacity to fast-track Ennah’s recruitment for a fee of $600.

The complainant said she did not have such an amount and negotiated for $150.

Ennah’s mother later informed her sister, one Superintendent Chiduwo, about the issue.

She was aised to act as if she was in the deal.

On February 6 around 9am, Ennah communicated with Mashonganyika and they met in the Avenues area.

Mashonganyika drove Ennah to CID Headquarters where he asked her to hand over the money.

Superintendent Chiduwo had already alerted police officers at CID Headquarters who arrested Mashonganyika soon after he had received the money.

Mashonganyika implicated Nxumalo, who was arrested in town after a trap was set.

Source : The Herald