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Fresh from his successful tour of South Africa last week, sungura singer Alick Macheso is expected to stage his homecoming show at Dandaro Inn located at the Exhibition Park tonight starting at 8pm.

Macheso who is also known as “Baba Sharo” or “Extrabasso” by his adoring fans, will start his weekend excursion at Dandaro Inn formerly Castle Bar alongside the Dembo Brothers in what promises to be a mouthwatering double.

Macheso and his Orchestra Mberikwazvo delighted their fans across the Limpopo during their first South African show this year held at Razzmatazz Club in Johannesburg.

A Harare version of that show is likely to be witnessed when Extrabasso who is also the Zimbabwe Red Cross Humanitarian Ambassador turns on his style supported by Morgan and Tendai Dembo. It goes without saying, Orchestra Mberikwazvo command a huge following in Harare and this being their welcome show expectations are high.

“Extrabasso” works magic on stage and most of his shows are different in that he always brings an element of surprise.

It is not easy to play the guitar especially the bass and be able to lead a band as well as dance all at one go. But surprisingly, “Extrabasso” is one artiste who does everything with much ease. He has plenty of hits to enjoy. However, the “Madhawu” singer always keeps himself on solid ground. His music appeals to young and old because he sings about everyday life.

From “Charakupa” and “Mai Rubi” to “Makandidana” and “Shedia” he talks about everyday struggles affecting ordinary Zimbabweans.

Of course, some of his critics are beginning to write him off as a spent force considering that he is failing to release a new album. The tricky part is you cannot judge an artiste as big as “Extrabasso” basing on new releases because he is not a one hit wonder.

He can afford not to release an album soon and be able to hold successful shows. The best part is Macheso does not rely on new songs to appease the crowd. Of late, the Dembo Brothers have been missing in action and the gig will throw a lifeline to an otherwise promising group whose roots can be traced to the legendary Leonard Dembo.

The Dembo siblings will be pleased to share the stage with Macheso who has acted as a father figure to the boys.

Of course, their playlist is largely made up of songs by the late great Dembo but that is expected since the youngsters are still learning the ropes.

Source : The Herald