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AS voices of reason continue to pelt the ZIFA leadership like hailstorm, football stakeholders have taken decisive steps to petition the High Court today to seek a moratorium under the Class Action Act to protect the remaining assets of the troubled football governing body.

The Zimbabwe National Soccer Supporters Association and Lifelong Footballers’ Trust are fronting a cause to try and protect the remaining assets from attachment and possible auction.

If the moratorium is granted by the High Court, Dube and his administration might be on a slippery path as they would be specified.

ZIFA would be placed under judicial management.

ZIFA employees have also petitioned their chief executive, Jonathan Mashingaidze, after going for months without being paid.

Chris Sambo, the former Premier Soccer League chief executive, who is a consultant for the LFT, attended a stakeholders’ meeting in Harare on Saturday.

“As stakeholders of football, we have taken a position to pursue the legal route to seek a moratorium for declaration of the insolvency of ZIFA as well as the specification of those who presided over the demise of our football,” said Sambo.

“There is football life after Cuthbert Dube.

“ZIFA is left with only three assets and they belong to the public. Our course, the action should not be misconstrued as a protection of Dube and his administration but we are coming up with a strategy to salvage our football that is already in a mess.”

ZNSSA public relations executive, Paddington JapaJapa, confirmed they were taking the legal route.

“It is correct that we are seeking an urgent Chamber application for a moratorium to ring fence the ZIFA property from further attachment because the current administration has failed in a big way to run our football,” said JapaJapa.

“We cannot have a situation where ZIFA property continues to be attached as that would be detrimental to the footballing nation. Dube is now irrelevant to Zimbabwe’s football,”

Sources at the meeting named three ZIFA councillors whom they said were backing Dube.

“Owen Chandamale (councillor for Harare Province), Brian Chishanga (Councillor for the Midlands Province) and David Mphuli (Councillor for Mashonaland East) are the councillors who support Dube in all his mess,” said the sources.

Chishanga was the head of delegation when FC Platinum travelled to Kenya last week.

Source : The Herald