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AT LEAST 10 people died on Christmas Day in road accidents raising the death toll of the festive season to 74 up from 64 recorded in 2013 with most of the fatalities involving foreigners.

National police spokesperson Paul Nyathi said most of the accidents which occurred on Christmas Day involved foreign registered vehicles especially in Masvingo, Matabeleland North and Matabeleland South as people moved from one country to another for the holiday.

“On Christmas Day, as police we recorded 87 road accidents up from 57 recorded on the same day last year and this resulted in 69 people being injured up from 18 witnessed in 2013,” he said adding that “the total number of accidents recorded since December 15 now stands at 916 up from 738 recorded in 2013.”

“The accidents resulted in 10 deaths up from six recorded in 2013.”

“Drivers are urged to rest when travelling long distances in order to curb fatigue,” Nyathi said.

Cumulatively, Nyathi said, 503 people have been injured during the festive season which starts from December 15 to January 15 against 311 recorded in 2013 for the corresponding period.

The force is blaming poor driving and damaged vehicles and fatigue for the accidents.

However, ordinary Zimbabweans have blamed the state of the roads for the increasing road fatalities.

Roads such as the Masvingo-Beitbridge have become death traps due to their dilapidated state.

Nyathi said criminals are offering unsuspecting passengers lifts and in turn rob them of their valuables and cash after travelling short distances.

With dwindling or no disposable income for most Zimbabwean workers, police said most robbers are targeting travellers to take away their “little cash.”

“Travelers are urged to record down registration numbers of purported public service vehicles or taxis before boarding such vehicles. They must take note of occupants, their physical description and other clues which may assist during Police investigations,” Nyathi said.

“This is very worrying to us as police, people are being robbed of their little hard earned cash and we are on alert to deal with such situations,” he said.

The police spokesperson said within 24 hours of the Christmas Day, 7045 tickets were issued by police country wide bringing the total number of tickets issued during the festive season to 83 285 with the least ticket pegged at $10.

“The Zimbabwe Republic Police is urging all motorists to travel during day time as statistics have shown that most fatal road accidents occurred during the night especially between 1801 to 0001 hours and 0001 to 0600 hours,” he said.

Source : New Zimbabwe