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FORMER CAPS United striker Innocent Mugabe has launched a football academy in Harare’s high-density suburb of Mabvuku in a bid to promote junior development in the community. Mugabe, who played for the Green Machine in the early 1990s and is now based in the UK, said the idea to set up an academy in Mabvuku came after realising that there was not much being done in terms of junior development in the community.

The academy named after his late father Joshua Mugabe is based at Tashinga Primary School and is catering for 100 players in three different age-groups. At the moment they have three teams competing in the Harare Province Junior League.

“When I came here, I think it was in 2010, I saw that there was no junior development going on especially in the area that I grew up.

So I had been thinking about it for sometime but last year I started sorting out a junior club which I actually named after my late father, which is called Bob Joshua Mugabe Football Academy based in Mabvuku

“It was founded last year in June, that’s when I started the programme so now we have joined the Harare Junior Province League and I have got Under-13, Under-15 and Under-17s, who are participating in that league.

“We also have other youngsters who are only training and playing around the area but they are not in any league.

All in all, I have 100 kids,” said Mugabe.

Mugabe, who holds a UEFA “B” coaching badge said the academy will not only focus on football but all other aspects of life.

“Since I played football, I am giving back to the community of Mabvuku. I have dedicated my life to that academy so I am going to do my best to keep it going. I am giving everything into it so that it can be a success because I have gone through the same phase as a junior.

“I know it’s not going to be that easy but it’s something that I will keep trying to see that it goes a long way. My wife, Memory Mugabe, is also so much involved, she is so supportive.

“And it’s not only playing football because they are going to learn a lot about how to socialise, how to interact with other kids and psychologically they develop as well.

“There are four corners of life which we use in football — there is the social corner, the physical, the psychological and the technical corner. So the kids will be learning and developing from those corners. Not all of them will be playing in the top league but it will help them in the long run, it’s a long-term programme,” said Mugabe.

So far the academy has four coaches working with the players headed by Peter Mugwendere.

However, Mugabe said he is hoping to venture into other sporting disciplines in the future and is currently talking to some clubs in the UK to have some of the players going there.

“This is just the beginning but in the long-term I will be looking at other sports as well in Mabvuku.

I will be talking to other guys who used to play other sports or generally anyone who wants to help develop the Mabvuku community.

“At the moment I am talking to a few clubs in the UK so that we can have sort of an agreement for us to be selling players from my academy. I can’t say the names till we come to an agree- ment.

“I think for the good players who will come out of the academy it will help them to play for big clubs even in this country,” said Mugabe.

Source : The Herald