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The trial of former Dynamos and Caps United player Edward Muchongwe (51) who is facing charges of robbery started yesterday at the Mbare Magistrates’ Court.

Muchongwe, popularly known as Major Murefu, appeared before magistrate Ms Jackie Manyonga, and in his defence told the court that he is admitting to assaulting CAPS Holdings general manager Mr Justice Mujaka, but denied the charges of robbery.

“I can only admit that I assaulted Mujaka, but I did not rob him,” he said. “He gave me the $500 voluntarily. We sat together in his office for about two hours discussing about my salary arrears.

“I did not force him to give me the money, but he made me sign a loan form so that he would claim his money from the company later.”

Muchongwe highlighted that the reason he assaulted Mujaka was because he had called him a “toothless dog”.

“He called me a dog who was only good at barking and could not take any action, hence I assaulted him,” he said. “You can imagine how angry I was without having been paid for more than 20 months.”

Mujaka told the court that there was no way that he could have given money voluntarily to Muchongwe because he was also owed money by the company.

“I could not have given him the money if it wasn’t that I was afraid for my life,” he said.

“This man threatened to kill me if I failed to give him the money. I even gave him money that was meant for my children’s school uniforms.”

Prosecutor Mr Stanley Musekiwa alleged that on January 9, Muchongwe approached Mujaka demanding his salary arrears.

Muchongwe, a general hand at the company, then began clapping and punching Mujaka after failure to reach an agreement over the salary dispute.

Mujaka is said to have sought protection from a security guard, but Muchongwe continued assaulting him.

Muchongwe allegedly dragged Mujaka to his office while threatening to kill him.

The court heard that Mujaka ended up surrendering $500 to Muchongwe, who then went on to tell other employees that assaulting the general manager pays.

The trial continues today.

Source : The Herald