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Former top model Sarah Sinclair is now living her dream after she successfully launched her designer clothing line called “Sinclair Couture” which specialises in African garments for both zero and plus sizes for women, men and children.

The 22-year-old beauty has been a big fashionista ever since she left school and would post some of her designs on the famed Facebook fashion page called “Zim Girls On Point” where people gave thumbs up to her creations made from African prints.

“I am a huge fan of fashion. As a former model, I would post selfies on my wall and got comments from different people who wanted to know where I got the clothes.

“I got orders from as far as Australia, Canada, England as well as the United States. So , I then decided I could earn a decent living as a fashion designer,” she said.

She has enrolled at the Harare Polytechnic where she is pursuing a career in fashion designing as she wants to venture into fashion on a full time basis.

“For those who remember I used to buy clothes and shoes in South African for resale but everyone was doing that and due to competition I thought why not look outside the box and sell something that people will only get from me.

“That is how the idea of ‘Sinclair Couture’ came about. However, I have also received criticism but I am a g character with g personality.

“I usually turn the negative into positive and no matter what I don’t let criticism pull me down.

“Hopefully my confidence will help other designers to come out of their shells,” Sarah said.

It’s been six months since she launched her clothing line and she’s making headways in the cut-throat industry.

“Zimbabwe is endowed with talented designers but a good number of them do no want to come out and shine.

“If you look at it, most people are still buying clothes from abroad yet we have talented designers who are able to come up with world class outfits,” she said.

At the of her label launch models strutted in Java prints including shirts, jackets, skirts and tops.

However, despite being custom made, she said the outfits were still affordable.

“Besides the jackets and the skirts, I have started doing traditional wedding gowns.

“The price start from as low as US$30 going upwards depending on the style. It is my wish to set up an office close to town so that people can come through and place their orders,” she said.

Source : The Herald