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ZBC must continue with live screening despite the mixed comments and views that Parliament sessions receive from the general public. Most of the comments are constructive in a big way if the parliamentarians take them into consideration.

Perhaps when they realise that they are constantly on camera, the legislators will soon desist from turning the august House into a circus charade. I am personally glad that this past week scored highly in terms of constructive debate and maturity.

The good thing about the live broadcast is that it is not censored or in any way overshadowed by third party opinion leaving the populace to assess the value of the representatives that they elected.

In the same vein, ZTV is doing a good job in ensuring that our children and adults too are educated through the screening of documentaries that cover important issues.

But the quality still leaves a lot to be desired. And there is still a long way to go when it comes to ZBC’s Channel 2 which should not duplicate its sister channel but rather move away by adopting more novel approaches like screening lifestyle issues, etcetera.

Moving onto to other matters we are now in the annual Francophonie Festival Week.

I had the privilege to attend the opening night last weekend and enjoyed the screening of the French films with English subtitles.

I salute the organisers for such festival, with brilliant films to showcase, but my worry is why can’t they engage ZTV so that more people can be exposed to some of the movies.

Meanwhile, M-Net continues in making its giant strides after the channel recently created a new home for international content on DStv Compact.

If observations made Silver Screen are correct, DStv Compact viewers will be in a position to enjoy an enhanced offering on DStv channel 115 from April 6 2015.

I am reliably informed that this new general entertainment channel, M-Net City, will replace M-Net Series Zone on channel 115, and it will presumably be an improvement.

Still on that package, the new high-impact channel will entertain viewers with a variety of programme genres.

Some of the content lined up includes comedies such as “Modern Family” and “Last Man Standing”, talk shows, and for the first time, Chicago PD, a crime and drama series will be available to Compact subscribers.

According to Liz Dziva, MultiChoice’s public relations and publicity manager, the new package will make viewers weekends memorable.

“M-Net City channel will also screen blockbuster films on Saturdays and Sundays, and series lovers can indulge in binge viewing with back-to-back episodes over the weekends or enjoy a fixed time with the favourite shows which will be showcased from Monday to Friday,” she said.

Dziva further said: “M-Net City is proof of the company’s commitment to continuously evaluate, adjust and reshuffle channel offerings in line with the ever-changing needs of viewers

“In 2014, M-Net upped the ante with M-Net Edge and VUZU AMP, to the delight of DStv Premium viewers. Now we have created M-Net City, a new channel that will enhance Compact viewers’ experience of international content.”

The schedule for the channel will be as follows:

Weekdays between 5pm and 19:00hrs the evening’s entertainment will kick off with popular talk shows

Weekdays at 7pm and 7:30pm it’s family comedy time

Weekdays at 8pm and 9pm the heroes and heroines of the best international action and crime series will take over the screen

Saturdays and Sundays – M-Net City will bring viewers a variety of movies in early prime time, and from 7:30pm it will follow the successful example of M-Net Edge with weekend binge sessions.

The M-Net Series Zone transmission will end on midnight on April 5 2015, and M-Net City will officially broadcast from the following day at 5pm.

The current series offering on M-Net Series Zone will conclude before the channel becomes M-Net City.

Till next week, don’t touch that remote control.

Source : The Herald