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Zimbabweans support Government’s decision to deport South African group Freshlyground that was billed to perform at the closing ceremony of the Harare International Festival of the Arts on Sunday.The group failed to secure visas and temporary employment permits to allow them to work in the country.

However, the band on its Facebook page claimed that Hifa organisers and themselves had followed all requisite permit requirements and “indication prior to this was that the band would be allowed to perform in the country. It would seem the powers that be have yet to find a sense of humour,” wrote the group.

The post drew fire from Zimbabweans who lauded the Immigration Department for sending the group back to South Africa on Sunday.

In 2010 the group released the song “Chicken to Change” with the video denigrating President Mugabe as a dictatorial caricature and urging him to “chinja” in an apparent reference to the opposition MDC-T slogan.

Mr Munya Chikwanda Mike said: “You know why you were denied entry. You do not sing funny, degrading songs especially about the leadership here! We will treat you like politicians if you behave like them”.

Ms Vimbai Precious Tawengwa said: “A lot more people in Zimbabwe love Robert Mugabe and therefore singing about him in an insulting manner rubbed a lot of Zimbabweans up the wrong way.

“Dead or alive, the majority of Zimbabwe are pro-Robert Mugabe and the elections spoke as much, just like how the majority of black African leaders admire Mugabe and wish they could have the courage to do what he has done in his lifetime. We are not too worried about popularity.”

She added: “If our President is not good enough for Freshlyground, neither must our money be. They must stick to singing and looking good for the stage, they are not politicians. You cannot love our money and disrespect our President. It is just not possible. Well done Immigration. Freshlyground must stay out of Zimbabwe.”

Ms Michelle Nomthandazo asked: “Would you make fun of Madiba (the late former South African President) like that? I do not think so. If it was supposed to be funny then you should have included your people. Do not make your music political. You guys are too good for such underhand marketing gimmicks, respect people even if you do not agree with their values.”

Mr Takesure Chinhara said it was amazing that the people who were calling for change in Zimbabwe were South Africans, yet the Boers were telling them to go to hell in their country.

Source : The Herald