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The alignment of existing laws to the new Constitution is well on course with the General Laws Amendment Bill, which seeks to amend at least 150 pieces of legislation, expected to be tabled before Parliament next week. Secretary for Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Mrs Virginia Mabhiza said parliamentarians would be kept busy as a number of Bills would be brought before the August House.

Speaking at the signing ceremony of the $270 million National Indicative Programme sponsored by the 11th European Development Fund (2014-2020) on Monday, Mrs Mabhiza said Government was committed to alignment of existing laws to the Constitution.

“We have worked on our General Laws Amendment Bill and it is our hope and expectation that by the end of next week we shall see it go to Parliament,” she said.

“The General Laws is a very important piece of legislation in the sense that currently it is also addressing some important legislation such as the electoral laws. I am sure the electoral laws are very important in the sense that they guide how our elections are going to be conducted.”

Mrs Mabhiza said alignment of the Criminal Procedure and Evidence Act was also one of Government’s top priorities, adding that it would also be tabled before Parliament in due course. She said the inter-ministerial task force of legal representatives was identifying areas that needed alignment.

“A lot of Bills are coming up and we foresee Parliament getting overwhelmed at the end of March and I am sure the House will be very busy focusing on real issues,” said Mrs Mabhiza.

Source : The Herald