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When prefects were first appointed, few students were keen to take up the office believing that elevating some students over others ran against the ideals of religion and culture. But far from conflicting with these ideals, the system recognises that there is a role for seniors in setting standards and examples for others, and particularly juniors, to follow.

Being a prefect is not a prize for what a boy or girl has done already, nor is it an attempt to offer a good experience to a student who might be in need of that.

Rather, it is a call to serve the school community over the coming year.

The call is to assist the direction of the school in maintaining its standards in all areas supporting students and inspiring pride in the school through examplary behaviour.

They have been called to join in for the most important task – ensuring that every boy or girl in this school is able to feel supported and is confident that their best efforts will be applauded and never derided.

Last Tuesday, George Emmanuel College held a special inaugural “Prefects Induction Ceremony” the first of many events since it opened doors in January this year. The ceremony was particularly significant as it was attended by parents, Ministry of Education officials and directors of companies including the college students who heard some inspiring words about leadership from the newly elected headboy, headgirl and senior prefects.

The 2015 prefects body pledged commitment and determination to carry out prefect duties, and acknowledged responsibilities in leadership to staff and students.

They were presented with their prefect badges, ties by the school’s chief executive and an official from the ministry.

Thulani Nyamapfeka is the Headboy while Charmaine Sande is the Headgirl of the college. The two were inducted together with four senior prefects and 20 other prefects.

Head boy Thulani Nyamapfeka could not hide his excitement for the day as he said he was geared up for the duty.

“I am happy to be the first head boy for George Emmanuel, this has always been my dream to lead those of my age. In as much as this is going to be an exciting experience, I want to assure the school that I will execute my duty with utmost faith and loyalty to my school. I am geared up for the duty” he said.

Thulani said he is going to ensure that peace prevails at school and students are represented well.

“It is my singular honour to stand here and tell my fellow students that I will represent each one of them to bridge the gap that exists between us and the staff. At George Emmanuel we are well taken care of by Aunty Loveness Chiwara who I am sure will also stand by me as the head boy to tackle issues to do with the welfare of students. I will also ensure that quietness is observed at all costs during and after lesson times”, he said.

“I will be the lady of the house day in and day out. At George Emmanuel there are no cases of abuse of the girl child by male teachers or by students, we are a family that is built on Christian attributes. We are determined, have integrity and always want to be successful children”, said the head girl Charmaine Sande.

Before being treated to food and drink after the ceremony, guests enjoyed entertainment which included drama on school seniority (bullying among students) by the students, while Tapiwanashe a Form One pupil, sailed flawlessly as she presented her poem entitled “Our School”.

Source : The Herald