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PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe prefers to fly to the Far East for his healthcare, even for routine procedures such as an eye check-up.

But he reckons Zimbabwe’s hospitals are now of such impeccably high standards that the country can expect to benefit from health tourists.

The Zanu PF leader said this while commissioning new medical equipment worth about US$100 million at Harare Central Hospital on Thursday.

“If yesterday we were getting fewer patients from outside, their numbers will increase in the future and even from South Africa itself where our people rush to, from what they believe is better treatment,” he said.

The equipment was acquired through a loan provided by China, thanks to his Look East policy, Mugabe quipped.

Backing the policy which his government adopted after falling out with former allies in the West, Mugabe said everyone was now looking East, including US President Barack Obama.

China had rescued the US during its recent economic crisis, he added.

“It’s China which sustained America — I want this loud enough for Obama to hear — sustained America during their economic crisis through the bonds, American bonds which they bought, trillion dollars’ worth of bonds,” he said

“If they (Chinese) had decided to abandon those (bonds) and decided that they needed to be paid straight on …

“But Americans did not have money to pay for those trillion bonds which the Chinese had acquired — no they let them and we were not happy that China let America go free.”

He added: “They (Americans) are actually now prisoner to China and we are praying that the Chinese will not demand payment … they are very dependent on China.

“So they are now — the Chinese — really economically the gest country in the world in my own reckoning.

“But no, they are humble enough they say no we are not that high yet. The humility of a winner.”

Source : New Zimbabwe