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Zimbabwe joined the rest of the world in celebrating Mother’s Day yesterday as mothers from different corners of the country received various treats from their loved offspring. Retailers, entertainment joints and restaurants also had specials, specifically for the mothers’ treats while the social networking platforms were awash with Mother’s Day messages.

Different churches also had special moments for mothers – all in honour of the role women play in nurturing children.

In memory of mothers, Prophetess Ruth Makandiwa donated blankets and tennis shoes worth over US$10 000 to more than 200 widows and the elderly.

Speaking at the donation, a representative of the Agape Care – an arm of the United Family International (UFIC) Church -Pastor Rufaro Nyabembera said Prophetess Makandiwa had decided to celebrate her Mother’s Day by remembering the underprivileged widows and elderly women.

“Prophetess Makandiwa has been supporting the underprivileged people across the country and this time she has remembered the welfare of widows and elderly women by providing them with tennis shoes and blankets in preparation for the winter season,” said Pastor Nyabembera.

“This is something new to me because I never received such a gift from my previous churches,” said Mrs Eunice Moyo.

Another beneficiary, Mrs Portia Phiri, said her children were failing to look after her.

“May God bless Prophetess Makandiwa for her kind heart. I am happy to receive these gifts because no one was going to buy them for me since my children are always struggling to take care of me,” she said.

Other people interviewed said they had to spent the day with their mothers as tribute for their role in their upbringing.

Mr Louis Makerechi of Harare said he travelled all the way to Bindura to spend a day with his mother.

“Sometimes people do not realise how these people are important in our lives until they are taken away from us,” he said.

Mother’s Day is an annual event celebrated on the second Sunday of May, a day set aside by many countries the world over to pay tribute to motherhood.

Source : The Herald