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AFTER 25 years of service, both as a coach and player, former Zimbabwe Sevens rugby gaffer Gilbert “Gidza” Nyamutsamba has called it quits.

He says it’s time he gives his business and family the attention they deserve.

Nyamutsamba’s last international assignment was with the Cheetahs last year when they took part at the World Sevens Series Port Elizabeth leg in South Africa.

The Bulawayo businessman was involved in development programmes in his hometown where he helped a number of schools in the City of Kings including Petra, Milton and also in the Western Suburbs development team.

“My life in Zimbabwe rugby has been so interesting, I travelled the world both as a player and as a coach, had a lot of great time with my teammates from the days I was still a player, I met a lot of coaches and managers from other countries and learnt from them,” said Nyamutsamba.

“I worked well with the Zimbabwe Rugby Union and it was worth the while. Of course, there were debates and arguments here and there but in the end, as a coach, I had my own principles and had to abide by them and there was respect for each other at the end of the day.

“But as they say all good things come to an end. I have not been involved a lot with my family. I have two sons, Takudzwa who is 15 years old and nine-year-old Nathan whom I have not given enough time over the years.

“Of course, I do not regret the time I spent travelling with the Cheetahs on the World Series tournaments and other regional or continental tournaments.”

Nyamutsamba made his Sables debut it 1992, when he was just 21, but took a break from international rugby to focus on football where he played for Bata Power before he was signed by Gweru United when they gained promotion into the Premiership.

“Then I worked for Bata so I had to know which side of my bread was buttered, so I was forced to take a break from playing for the national team as I had to please my paymasters first and I went on to play in the Premier League in 1996 and 1997.

“But I continued playing rugby at club and provincial level because I still had the game in my heart.”

Ten years after making his Sables debut, Nyamutsamba finally returned to represent Zimbabwe in the game he loved, doing so at Busters Sports Club, in Bulawayo, after moving from Gweru to start his own business.

Nyamutsamba also went on to play for the Cheetahs with the likes of Donald “Brasco” Mangenje, Allan Mdehwa, the late great Arnold Takawira, Daniel Hondo, Gus Mberi and Zack Tondoro.

He is the only Zimbabwean coach to win the Hong Kong qualifier tournament. His Cheetahs also finished 13th at the Sevens World Cup in 2013, a vast improvement from their 2009 finish at the same global showcase where they had finished 17th, after winning the Bowl.

Source : The Herald