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A GOKWE man dubbed Zimbabwe’s “vampire killer” after drinking the blood of his murder victims is to be mentally examined by two psychiatrists before his trial resumes.

Alois Nduna alias Jackson Moyo, 26, of Matanga village under Chief Jiri in Gokwe allegedly raped, killed and drained the blood of 12 women in central and southern Zimbabwe.

Magistrate, Judith Taruvinga said Nduna should be examined by two separate psychiatrists before his trial resumes on the 9th June.

When he first appeared before Masvingo magistrate early this month, Nduna told the court he was a Satanist, and drank the blood of his victims to make him ger.

He left the Masvingo Court stunned when he revealed that he had killed 13 women after getting instructions from the Universal Church. Nduna also revealed that he had been instructed to collect blood from women by the same church.

Nduna, who is facing 12 counts of murder and robbery, allegedly raped his victims before killing them.

The state alleges that on October 9 2013, Nduna was hired by four siblings – Precious, Sheila, Portia and Vheneka Chimonga – to kill their aunt, Ruramai Zifungo whom they accused of witchcraft.

“The accused was paid to kill the aunt of Precious Sheila Vheneka and Portia Chimonga whom they accused of witchcraft. They offered a beast to the accused for the operation,” the court heard.

Nduna proceeded to Ruramai Zifungo’s homestead and forced his way into the house before he attacked her with an unknown object.

Zifungo sustained deep cuts on her face and died instantly.

Since April this year, Nduna solicited for sex from female strangers, with a Zvishavane woman, Rita Phiri being his first victim. He met the woman and offered to pay $3 for sex.

After the tryst, Nduna grabbed her by the throat and strangled her to death, before he took her clothing and tied it around her neck.

He also met an unidentified woman in April and solicited for sex and later killed her. He robbed her of a Nokia mobile phone and $5.

Nduna confessed to sucking blood from 13 women in Masvingo, Midlands and Bulawayo and also made stunning revelations that he killed a Mashava woman, Beauty Hove, by sucking her blood until she died.

Source : New Zimbabwe