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Beginning this month dancehall musicians would have an opportunity to run their own shows at a weekly event to be launched at City Sports Bar tonight. The “Thursday Night Dancehall” concept would see one prominent artiste hosting his fellow musicians, especially upcoming chanters, every Thursday for a month.

This month’s slots belong to Soul Jah Love who hosts Guspy Warrior and a number of upcoming dancehall musicians tonight. For the next three Thursdays, Soul Jah Love runs the show before giving way to the next host for the month of May to be announced soon. Soul Jah Love expressed gratitude at the gesture and promised to lead by example since he is responsible for the pilot run.

“I am the first one to host these Thursday weekly shows at City Sports Bar and I am under pressure to prove that we can run our own shows with distant support from promoters,” said Soul Jah Love.

“I am prepared to set the pace for the next eight musicians that would be hosts at the bar this year. At the end of the year we should have achieved something big from this project. Our main aim is to unearth raw talent in aspiring dancehall musician. The dancehall wave is unstoppable and we need more new players.”

Ronny Bere of City Sports Bar said they came up with the idea to give a platform to dancehall musicians to uplift each other.

“There are many dancehall musicians in the ghettos and the guys know each other better.

“We can do our part as promoters but it is also important for the musicians to use their relations and contacts to shape their genre.

“We are looking forward to exciting Thursdays beginning tomorrow (today) and we hope the pilot will work,” said Bere.

Source : The Herald