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INFORMATION minister Jonathan Moyo has labelled former central bank governor Gideon Gono a liar after the Senator-designate told President Robert Mugabe recently that certain individuals holding sway in the State media empire had deliberately blacked him out.

Gono, who during his days as RBZ chief, enjoyed extensive media coverage, made the claims when Mugabe visited his chicken farm last week.

The allegation elicited a g comment from the veteran leader who threatened to deal with the culprits.

But Moyo, who as Information minister has the last word on what content State media can publish, said Wednesday Gono was not sincere in his claims.

“I was even alarmed the other week when my good friend, the former Governor suggested that there are some people who don’t want anything about him covered,” Moyo said.

“He told the President something to that effect. Well, when a person feels like there is a problem, of course, they have the right to say what they are saying.

“But when what they are saying, if true, sounds like a major affront to civilised conduct, then we must take note.

“If what he alleges is true, then it is serious and we must do something about that. We should not have a situation where anyone has power to block other people from being covered by the media. It is undesirable.”

Moyo was addressing a panel of media experts he appointed recently to investigate the state of the country’s media industry.

Moyo said tongue-in-cheek that Gono was, in his own right, owner of the Financial Gazette newspaper and could very easily use it to bring out what he thinks must be known about him.

“…If these guys are not covering you, just use your own newspaper for goodness’ sake. What’s your problem?” Moyo said.

“It should be the other guy who doesn’t have a platform, there so many people without platforms and only very few who have newspapers. And those who have newspapers are always writing about themselves.

“And this friend of mine, I saw that in fact he knows how to use his newspapers. If he has a court case he will reproduce the entire affidavit of his and put it on the front page and won’t put the other guy’s responding affidavit. Who cares?

“We are in a possessive media. Either you possess it or you don’t. If you possess it, you tell your own story and that’s how it goes, but that’s not good for our country.”

Moyo challenged Gono to pinpoint those he felt did not want him to be covered in the media, failure to which he should be exposed in the media as a liar.

“From a factual point of view, it should be possible to factually say yes there is this kind of thing, the ones who are doing it are so and so, so that they never do it again.

“But if the one alleging it is also telling a lie the media should say this guy was not telling the truth. But in Zimbabwe our media set up is such that you can’t get to the bottom of the matter. You are left hanging.”

It is however tempting to view the Moyo-Gono dispute in the context of the current Zanu PF internal power fights with g suggestions the Emmerson Mnangagwa faction has deployed the energetic law professor to do the dirty job.

Moyo is linked to the Mnangagwa faction while Gono sides with Vice President Joice Mujuru.

Source : New Zimbabwe