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FORMER central bank governor, Gideon Gono, has dismissed as wide off the mark, reports he is among a host of high profile Bulawayo land barons being investigated by the local authority.

The Bulawayo city council was recently reported to be probing, among others, Gono, transport minister Obert Mpofu and MDC leader Welshman Ncube for holding allegedly onto vast tracts of land which have not been developed.

The reports were seized by Gono’s political rivals who took them to traditional leaders in Buhera as proof he was corrupt in the ongoing bid to block the former RBZ chief from becoming a senator for the district.

Villagers there were also warned that if they continued to push for Gono to become senator, he would reward them by bringing back the reviled Zimdollar which was ditched in 2009.

However, in a statement Tuesday, Gono said his family owns a single stand in Bulawayo which they have not developed because the local authority has failed to connect water to the site.

Said the former RBZ governor and now farmer: “Appreciating that not everyone is adequately trained to deal with and skilled in writing financial and economic reports apart from a universal ability to raise disproportionate alarm that borders on skulduggery in the absence of facts …

” … my family wishes to set the record straight in the interest of public disclosure what the ‘vast piece(s) of land’ we own in Bulawayo and, in the process, hopefully give a template to future reports of the same nature …

Name and description of property owned: Undeveloped piece of land called Lot 81 Windsor Park.

Size of Land: 4166 square metres (about 1 acre), title deed no: 94592

Name of registered owner: Gideon Gono. Bought for $25,000 (Twenty five thousand Zimdollars)

Date of Purchase: 9 April, 1992.

Estimated current value: US$10-15000.

Outstanding rates: Less than US$1,500.

The former governor added: “This ‘VAST’ piece of undeveloped land will, after paying off the rates owing, be surrendered in exchange for fair value to City of Bulawayo.

“There is no need to waste resources ‘investigating’ anything pertaining to this property when Council could better use the resources so earmarked to improve water supplies in and around Windsor Park area, the very reason why my family opted, way back, to purchase a completely built house in the City of Kings and Queens, than develop that ‘one acre vast piece of land into a house’.”

“Hopefully the media will in future try to place their facts in proper context so they do not mislead the public for reasons best known to the authors as a certain section of society outside Bulawayo was already excited about this ‘Gono corruption of owning vast tracts of land when others do not have half an acre to build their houses and dispatching people to my home area (Buhera) with the report in a bid to spread news of Gono’s corruption.

“Where people have legitimate queries or concerns about my integrity and family property portfolio, including what, where and how acquired, they should seek answers in a proper manner, in a proper context, and answers will be always be happily provided! Happy and prosperous 2015!”

Source : New Zimbabwe