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Perhaps we should start by congratulating Idris for winning this year’s Big Brother season nine called Hotshots.

The Tanzanian who charmed ladies on and off the screen walked away US$300 000 richer after that short stay on the show which ran for just 63 days instead of the 93 days scheduled time had it not been for the fire that gutted the original Big Brother house just days before the show started.

Idris joins the extraordinary league of previous winners who include Wendall Parsons from Zimbabwe, Uti Nwachukwu from Nigeria, Keagan from South Africa, Ricardo from Angola, Dillish Matthews from Namibia and Cherise from Zambia.

There are interesting figures in the history of Big Brother reality show. Nigeria leads after winning three times, while Tanzania has won the prize money twice.

Namibia, Zambia, Angola and Zimbabwe have won the competition once.

There are, of course, countries like Mozambique, Botswana, Sierra Leone, Uganda and Ghana which are yet to win the competition.

For some reason, the housemates from these countries are not to blame. In fact, it only reflects how popular the show in the countries that have won before.

In my recent interview with Trezagah after he was evicted from the house a week before the finale, he said the Big Brother reality show was not that popular in Mozambique.

In fact, he said he only got to know about the show when he was asked to perform during last season’s eviction show.

And from there, he auditioned for Big Brother Hotshots and he was picked to represent Mozambique.

He said he hoped that he inspired a lot of other Mozambicans to take part in the show since he managed to reach to quarter-sfinals of the game.

From what Trezagah said, it is easy to see why Mozambicans are yet to win the competition.

A good number of those who watch DStv are not aware of the show.

Then of course the Zimbabwean duo of JJ and Butterphly.

While it was good that the two stayed for 63 day in the house, that alone was a challenge as the Zimbabwean vote was divided.

Usually it is the percentage vote that counts.

Remember we had eight housemates remaining in the house and now what this means is that first each of the housemate would get a patriotic vote then later viewers go for their favourite housemate.

Obviously the votes were split between them, JJ got more votes than Butterphly and this is why she was evicted first.

Coming to the two finalists, Idris and Tayo. It was clear that Tayo was losing ground to Idris for the simple reason that he thought Nigeria was Africa and that Africa was Nigeria.

For instance, he went berserk in the house when Biggie introduced the ex-housemates.

Thanks to Biggie, that prank exposed Tayo’s shortcoming when he threw tantrums at Miss P.

His actions and attitude towards other housemates was uncalled for.

He was in the habit of picking fights with everybody including Idris which again exposed his weakness.

From all the arguments, Tayo fell out of favour with the viewers because and he became too big-headed.

This was where he lost the plot.

On the other hand, Idris used to charm ladies to his aantage and from that moment it was clear that he was a ladies’ man.

Quite honestly, how does a man have flings with different women at the same time?

However, the grand finale was a great show though unfortunately we cannot say the same about this year’s season.

Perhaps Endemol South Africa, who produce the show for M-Net, have run out of steam for a show that thrives on twists and surprises.

And for that reason, Big Brother Hotshots will go down in the history as the most boring and expensive show to date.

Some viewers named the show “Big Bore Africa” in reference to poor production and scripting.

This could have been the reason why Biggie brought back some ex-housemates to try and stir up things in the house.

To that end we say, all is well that ends well.

Who knows that fire could have engulfed the house during the show and it could have been a tragedy.

Until next week, remember it’s television and it’s real we are going to give give you things as they are.

Source : The Herald