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It was a great experience to those who had time to watch the play “Goodnight Harare” that explores affairs of Harare in a comical way at Hifa, ZB Upstairs Theatre on Friday.

The new play was written and produced by Elinor Kennedy, directed by Simba Masusela with veteran actors Sue Evans, Takwana Saidi, Larry Greef and others and its tickets were sold out the first day it was staged.

The three-comedies-in-one production comes from the team that produced the popular play “My Big Fat Shona Wedding”.

It begins with “Who controls electricity load shedding?” that starts with a newly employed Jonathan Mbizi at the Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority who is left in charge of loadshedding.

Jonathan’s boss instructs him to cut off electricity at exactly 6pm in most residential areas and was clearly told not to switch off to special areas like hospitals,airport and low density suburbs.

Jonathan delays to cut off electricity as his mother at home had not finished cooking supper and mischievously switches off electricity to the forbidden areas.

In the second phase they tackle the issue of indecent exposure and deals with the issue in a comical way as they play police officers that go around arresting people who wear indecent clothes.

It finishes with a guy offering accommodation to a visiting former classmate, after they met along First Street.

Interestingly, in end the two guys realised that they share the same father who died of cancer.

Source : The Herald