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WARRIORS head coach Ian Gorowa and Zifa chief executive Jonathan Mashingaidze last night appeared together in public in an apparent bid to erase growing speculation that the two have a frosty working relationship.

Gorowa once labelled Mashingaidze “a habitual liar” while the head of the Zifa secretariat also fired a salvo at the coach and accused him to being a law unto himself.

But yesterday Zifa dismissed speculation that the two have a sour working relationship and the association’s vice-president, Omega Sibanda, said differences in opinion did not mean people cannot work together.

“People might talk (about the relationship between Mashingaidze and Gorowa) and we cannot stop them from talking.

“Gorowa is the head coach of the national team and Mashingaidze is the chief executive (of Zifa). The other is from the technical side and the other is from the operations. Remember for a game to be played we need both of them.

“We at Zifa, as far as we are concerned, know that the two have been working together. We could not have reached the stage we achieved at CHAN if the two were not working together,” said Sibanda.

Reports were that Gorowa took long to trash out a new deal with Zifa because of his differences with Mashingaidze and Zifa board member Tawengwa Hara was quoted in the media yesterday as aising the coach and the chief executive not to allow their frosty relationship affect the performance of the Warriors.

“All that people have been hearing is not really true. These people are working together and that’s why I am sitting with them right now.

“We are saying to Zimbabwe, we are a team that needs success and success can only come if we are united like we are now.

“The correct position of the association is that we are a team of hardworking Zimbabweans. Yes, they could be differences, but we have one objective to make out football win.

“So I am dismissing this speculation that the chief executive officer and the coach have differences and here I have got them. We have been together the whole afternoon, trying to organise the Tanzania game,” said Sibanda.

Sibanda also said the Zifa presidium is now assured to have the services of Gorowa beyond 2015 and he believed the lack of communication could have caused perceived friction.

“I think they has been lack of communication. We as Zifa have never stood up and said we have a problem with the coach and neither have we said we have problem with the CEO. Our position remains that we are working as a team,” Sibanda said.

Gorowa said he was now focused on the Warriors’ match against Tanzania and will wait to hear of the team’s travelling arrangements from the secretariat. The Warriors were set to troop into camp last night.

“We are getting into camp and obviously we will have to mark a register before and see who is in. We will train and the travelling arrangements will come from the office. But I think all is in order and we wanted more time but we cannot blame anyone and there is no time to complain,” said Gorowa.

Mashingaidze said they have been aised that the game against the Taifa Stars will be in Dar es Salaam this weekend.

“The match will be in Dar es Salaam. We will confirm the itinerary during the course of the week but we want to appeal to the corporate world to come on board and support our national teams both in financial and material support,” said Mashingaidze.

Source : The Herald