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Upcoming gospel singer, Itai Sandras will launch his second album at the corner of First Street Mall and George Silundika Avenue in a move that is meant to popularise his project with the public. Slated for end of August, the album launch will see big names like Blessing Shumba, Irene Tigere and Primrose Cement performing at the open air arena.

The superb eight track album called “Pazuva Guru” is likely to attract the attention of many music followers judging from the lyrical content that is educative, entertaining and informative.

“I decided to launch my second album on an open space which attracts more audience unlike closed venues which are selective because of financial difficulties.

“This will enable me to endear my music with fans and everyone who wishes to listen to the word of God through music,” said Itai.

He said this is going to be a new strategy meant to preach the gospel through music and dance and is promising nothing short of fireworks. Blessing Shumba could not hide his joy about performing at the event.

“I am going to be present because what we need in the gospel field is to have more artistes to continue doing the good work for the Almighty,” he said.

The title track “Pazuva Guru” reminds people of the end of times, while “Mudziyo Wenyu” captures the voice of a devout Christian who is vowing to serve God.

Some tracks worth listening to on the album inlude “Pakutanga”, “Mambo Jesu” and “Chimwe neChimwe”, among others.

Itai who started his professional music career in 2011 following the release of his debut offering, “Mwari Pindirai” has improved immensely.

And it is clear that he has been putting maximum effort to claim his position on the gospel scene and match the standards of the country’s young gifted gospel musicians like Mathias Mhere. His themes and issues are as wide and diverse as they are also spiritually uplifting.

Source : The Herald