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Botswana-based Zimbabwsean musician Cecilia Chitsinde Mushininga is out to conquer the region as she spreads her musical wings beyond the country’s borders. Mushininga who recently released her second album, “Aneni” and a follow up D raised the local flag high on a prestigious DSTV gospel channel One Gospel.

An hour was dedicated to the musician’s videos where she showcased not only her musical brilliance but the best of local gospel music.

Speaking from her Botswana base, the teacher-cum-musician said the combination of passion and talent has helped her stay afloat in the music sector.

“I started music at an early age at Sunday school, Hatfield High School choir and at home while doing household chores,” she said.

While she is currently enjoying airplay on local radio and television, she is making strides in making her mark in Botswana and South Africa.

“I have not worked with any prominent gospel artistes in my musical journey. However my mandate and vision is to preach the gospel through song as I am inspired by God. He conveys messages to me that I minister through music,” she said.

Mushininga said she is also humbled by the support she has been receiving from the Tswanas despite the language barrier. She properly arranges vocals while taking her time to work on her lyrics.

With songs such as “Kubva Zvandawana Jesu”, “Inyasha”, “Kumusha Mutsvene”, “Ariko” and “Anchored in Jehovah” she is likely to make a bigger mark in the region.

However, the videos might be for family viewing but more creativity is needed as most of them were shot on stage.

“I credit my husband Ebson Mushininga for the financial support and vocal backing, my pastors, parents and siblings for spiritual and mental support in the challenging environment for upcoming artists,” she said.

Source : The Herald