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Mufakose Worship Ambassadors held a successful gospel concert over the weekend which saw hundreds of gospel music enthusiasts attending the show held at Mufakose Marapula Grounds. The concert featured a number of gospel artistes who gave outstanding performances despite the cold weather and left the crowd asking for more.

Mufakose Worship Ambassadors used the concert to promote the launch of their D album.

Event organiser Silent Shasha said the concert was a success as they were not expecting such a huge turnout. “We are very glad we managed to host the first ever gospel concert in the history of Mufakose.

“This concert was mainly done to promote the pre-D launch for the Mufakose Worship Ambassadors who will launch the official D later this year around August.

“We would like to thank the various churches who attended this concert for the huge support they showed during the concert,” he said.

Shasha revealed how the Mufakose Worship Ambassadors came together to form the group which consists of about 60 members from different churches.

“Mufakose Mufakose Worship Ambassadors are a group of 60 members from different churches including Apostolic Faith Mission, Seventh Day Aentists, Roman Catholic, ZAOGA and United Methodist Church amongst others.

“We came together as we saw the need to unify our churches so as to spread the word of God through music as one family without discriminating against each other.

“We are quite confident that Mufakose Worship Ambassadors will continue to grow as a group until we are one of the most recognised gospel groups in the country,” he said.

The other artistes who performed at the concert include Jacob Manya, Takudzwa Mutukwa, Denzel Angel, Professor Chitapa, Blessing Suwani Ray and Samantha Chaka- nyuka.

Abraham Matuka, Kuda Mutvene, Silent Shasha and Benny Devine were the outstanding performers of the night as the crowd kept on requesting for more from the upcoming gospel musicians.

The Mufakose Worship Ambassadors also gave a top drawer performance as they sang popular gospel anthems including “Sweet Jesus” and “Tinosimudzira Zita”.

Follow-up concerts are in the pipeline according to the organisers.

Source : The Herald