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UPCOMING Kwekwe-based gospel artiste, Rachel Maketa has released a D album for her latest nine-track release “Tichengetei”, which was released in December last year.

The D album, shot and recorded in Kwekwe, was launched last month at a colourful event at a local hotel in the mining city.

Recorded at Uncle B Right studios, the D project carries videos for all the nine songs from the audio album.

The audio album was produced by Rhythm Studios and carries the songs “Tofambanaye”, “Zarura”, “Kune Gehena”, “Mwari Ndinoda”, “Ndimwari Vanotonga”, “Chekumirira Hapana”, “Vane Hanya” and “No Wonder Why”.

In an interview the diva said her songs were inspired by real life experiences while a few others were derived from the Bible.

Said Maketa:”I have released a D album which is a follow up of my nine-track audio album which I launched last year. The D was shot in Kwekwe and was produced by a seasoned producer, Uncle B Right.

“I also worked with other seasoned producers who include Jonathan Mgazi who used to be with the Fishers of Men, one of Fungisai Mashavave’s producers, Forward Mazaruse and Webster Mapanda.”

The talented artiste also worked with Rumbidzai Zvirikuzhe, who featured on the title track and NdiMwari vanotonga.

“My music is inspired by people’s life experiences. I was touched by some of the testimonies that were given in church.

“The album also teaches people about faith and the love that God has for his people,” she said.

Maketa released her maiden album in 2007 titled “No Wonder Why” which was recorded at Ngaavongwe Records.

She said her new album had been well received by gospel fans, hence the release and launch of the video album.

“My album has received fair airplay on different radio stations and gospel fans loved it. I have started working on my third album, which I hope fans will also like.”

Maketa who is backed by the group Heavenly Sounds, a live band with six members, performs at family shows and gospel concerts only.

Fans should expect Maketa’s third album later this year.

Source : The Herald