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Zimbabwean gospel musicians based in the United Kingdom have been competing to release albums and music lovers have already embraced their efforts in lifting the country’s flag.

They have been using social media to market their music and they have been getting good responses.

Matilda Tekeshe and Rhodha Tongogara are part of the Zimbabwean gospel music community based in the United Kingdom and have been consistent in their works.

Last week Tekeshe released her second album titled “Mukana Uripo” while Tongogara has released videos for her album “Ndisimbiseiwo”.

Tekeshe released her first album in 2012 but took a break after she got married.

Yesterday the musician said she is happy to see Zimbabwe’s music industry rising and was optimistic that her music will be recognised on the international scene. The album was recorded in Zimbabwe and the musician was back home recently to monitor progress until the album was unveiled last week.

“I decided to come back home to record the album that has eight tracks. I have confidence in producers that are working in the country to take Zimbabwean music to another level,” she said.

For her it is good to note that Zimbabweans are raising the flag high in the Diaspora.

Songs on the album include “Babylon”, “The Banner”, “Nemavanga”, “Chidzitiro”, “Maungira”, “Munotichengeta”, “Bless The Holy Name” and “Humambo Nekumbinywa”.

The album has a mixture of praise songs and worship songs.

She has recorded with session artistes but has plans to establish her own band.

On the other hand, Tongogara has released videos for her album “Ndisimbiseiwo” .

Songs on the D are the title track, “Nguva Yekubvuma”, “Ndinomutenda”, “Inzwaiwo Kuchema” and “Mbiri Kuna Jesu”.

The videos that have been uploaded on several social media platforms received a warm welcome with fans hailing her for working hard.

She said she was happy that the videos have been received well by fans.

“We released the videos two weeks ago and the response has been overwhelming. This shows how people appreciate Zimbabwean music,” she said.

Tongogara has been shining in the Diaspora with her previous album featuring Mathias Mhere.

Source : The Herald