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Gospel songstress Leila Million says her upcoming talk show will give viewers a riveting experience as it features true life stories from several guests, including some of the prominent people from around the continent.

The United Kingdom-based Zimbabwean also promised to open up about her life to reveal some of her personal issues with regards to love and relationships.

“I am happy to announce that everything is ready ahead of the launch in September. It hasn’t been easy though to come up with the series but I thank God that I’m blessed. Besides the show I am pursuing a degree in music business and production at the Media City, where the BBC TV and news channel operates from in Manchester,” she said.

The “Desire” hitmaker who is popularly known by the stage name La Diva says there is so much about her life story which she cannot put into music.

“I have been hurt a lot in my life. I went through a lot of trials and tribulations, some of which were from the people that I cared for so much.

“I didn’t know that depression exists but when I had depression I understood what it was all about. I’m a survivor because I could have died because of depression,” La Diva said.

She said her story will not only inspire other people but also help them deal with difficulties in life such as depression.

Her type of music draws a lot from rhumbasoukous and pop.

Her latest album (“I Desire Love”) that features the track “Mufaro” gives a glimpse of what would be featured on the talk show as it mirrors her life experiences.

La Diva, who says she started out her music career through a calling after a miraculous healing when God restored her life, uses gospel to spread important messages.

Her 2004 album titled “From Despair to Destiny” is testimony to her restoration and revelation.

“Kamukomana” is one of her enjoyable and sing-along tracks with a mid-tempo beat. The song was inspired by one of the stories her grandmother used to tell her during her teens.

The song takes you down the memory in the village when youths would tease each other through song especially at parties. According to La Diva, the song brings a lot of sweet memories since it also tackled the issue of playing house and cheaters. Another track she said was inspired by the good old days is “Abero” which is about a naughty and troublesome guy of the same name.

Other tracks that make up the album are “Desire”, “Hold On” and “Humambo”.

On the tracks La Diva ensures that her voice comes out naturally while at the same time she is not afraid of trying out new things. Her other previous albums are “From Despair To Destiny” (2004), “I’m Redeemed ” (2006), “Ain’t Givin Up” (2007) and “Zeal For Your House” released in 2008.

La Diva assumed her aunt’s name Leila and father’s name Million to come up with her new identity.

Source : The Herald