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COSMETOLOGY is an art and an industry that can contribute to the country’s economy if it is approached with the professionalism it deserves.

This was said by Higher and Tertiary Education, Science and Technology Development Deputy Minister Godfrey Gandawa during an event to mark the re-launch of the Cosmetology Association of Zimbabwe held at the Monomotapa Crowne Plaza recently.

Deputy Minister Gandawa also commended the Cosmetology Association of Zimbabwe for managing to bring together thousands of cosmetologists together with other players in the industry to brainstorm on issues that affect the industry.

“I have chosen to be here in order to demonstrate my ministry’s commitment to professionalism and standards in all sectors of the economy, the cosmetology sector included. Your association with my ministry is quite aware of the significant contribution to the economy by your sector especially in terms of employment creation and the delivery of beauty and therapy services to our society,” Deputy Minister Gandawa said.

He noted how his ministry was prepared and well equipped to offer training and courses in a bid to improve the art of cosmetology.

“I have heard it said in some quarters that bank balances are shrinking, but make-up bags are bulging. This indeed shows that the sector plays an important role in our society as well as our economy. It is against this background that my ministry is well prepared to cater for training in hairdressing, beauty therapy and cosmetology.

“Courses in hairdressing, beauty therapy and cosmetology are available in all public institutions (polytechnics) as well as some independent colleges from National Certificate Level to Higher Diploma Level. In the curriculum there is also a comprehensive business course – Entrepreneurship Skills Development – that teaches the candidate to run their own business or to work in a supervisory or managerial position in any business concern,” he said.

Rosemary Siyachitema, the executive director of the Consumer Council of Zimbabwe, urged cosmetologists to desist from ripping off customers of their hard-earned cash through poor services and practices. She also reiterated Deputy Minister Gandawa’s call for the practitioners to acquire training for their job.

“For some time clients have been on the receiving end because of the inconsistencies and bad behaviour in the industry. The question that cosmetologists should always ask is: ‘Do you know your customer?’ This is so because some of the people in this industry don’t have the proper training required for the job and some of them don’t even know the right chemicals to use but when people come to you their health needs to be taken care of,” she said.

She added: “There are rights that consumers should have access to and these include the right to information to know if the these people (cosmetologists) are properly licensed and trained a healthy environment is also important they have the right to education and the right to be heard and where to go to and air their complaints.”

The event, which attracted more than 1 000 guests, was graced by dignitaries from the Harare City Council, National Manpower Aisory Council and National Economic Council, among others.

The Cosmetology Association of Zimbabwe was represented by Jackie Granger.

Source : The Herald