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Government has moved in to return normalcy at Caledonia by stopping all housing, roads and any developments in the area with immediate effect.

All processes will now be handled by the City of Harare.

Out of the 20 phases, Government gave the green light to only three phases to proceed with work because they had approved layouts from the city’s Department of Physical Planning.

Addressing Caledonia residents and some of the cooperatives at a consultative meeting in the area yesterday, Local Government Public Works and National Housing principal director Colonel Joseph Mhakayakora, said alternative residential stands would be parcelled out to all affected families who had been settled at undesignated places.

“The report revealed the double allocation of stands where 10 people could be given one stand, developments without approved plans. From today onwards we do not want to see any person, cooperatives who will construct anything save only for the three phases which we approved.

“Only three phases out of the 20 cooperatives have been allowed to continue developing their areas,” he said.

Source : The Herald