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Government yesterday condemned as a marketing “gimmick” Croco Motors’ directive for MPs who got vehicles from it under a parliamentary scheme to use fuel from Total and Engen service stations only.

The car dealer allegedly claimed other dealers’ product was sub-standard.

Legislators who got vehicles under the Parliamentary Vehicle Loan Scheme at Croco Motors last month said the car dealer warned them that if they used fuel from other dealers their warranty would not be honoured.

But Government urged the MPs and other motorists to disregard the claims by Croco Motors that some dealers were importing sub-standard fuel that was incompatible with its vehicles.

MPs use fuel coupons from Sakunda and Redan.

Energy and Power Development Deputy Minister Munacho Mutezo said the claims by Croco Motors were unfounded because the Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority checked all the fuel that was imported into the country to find out if it met specifications.

He was responding to a question from Midlands Senator, Cde Tsitsi Muzenda during questions without notice session, who wanted to know if it was true that there was sub-standard fuel imported into the country.

Source : The Herald