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Government is ready to assist disaantaged artistes to establish and sustain their careers, to ensure that no talent is lost, Sport, Arts and Culture Minister Andrew Langa has said.

Speaking after appearing before the Parliamentary Committee on Education, Sport, Arts and Culture on the progress in the ministry yesterday, Langa said Government did not have the capacity to finance artistes’ projects but was working tirelessly to link them with various players in the corporate world.

“We have talented youths that are failing to discharge their talents because they lack resources. Because of that we are consulting on a policy that addresses these concerns. We have no funding but one way or the other we can go round linking them up with corporates,” he said.

Langa added while the ideal route was to incorporate artistes into already existing associations, like the National Arts Council , they were issuing some artistes with support letters to use when approaching sponsors.

“Resources for use in the arts and culture industry are difficult to access but we have always discussed with the relevant of ministries like finance and home affairs so for those who are importing equipment do so smoothly and duty free,” he said.

In the same breathe the minister encouraged upcoming artistes to engage established ones for capacity building so that they improve the quality of their work.

He also shed light on the efforts that are being made like the resuscitation of various arts centres around the country.

While applauding vibrant centres like the Amakosi in Bulawayo he said he is working with the relevant the ministry had been engaged in revamping dilapidated ones like the Murewa Arts Centre.

Other areas that were discussed include piracy.

“We are working with associations like the Zimbabwe Music Rights Association, Zimbabwe Book Publishers’ Association and booksellers Association of Zimbabwe. We now have a user’s guide to copyright law in Zimbabwe as a booklet. It is being issued free to arts organisations and artistes to enhance understanding of the Copyright and Neighbouring Rights Act,” he said.

Langa also spoke about efforts being made to ensure that arts education is incorporated into the schools curriculum.

“My ministry is engaged with the sister ministries of Primary and Secondary Education together with the Higher and Tertiary Education and Science and Technology Development in reviewing the education curriculum.

“The current curriculum reform being carried out has accepted the principle of arts education getting incorporated into the curriculum.”

Source : The Herald