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GOVERNMENT will act on the Harare City Council vehicles saga when mayor Councillor Bernard Manyenyeni’s investigations into how 50 cars were bought using a water loan are complete.

Director of policy, research, planning and co-ordination in the Local Government Ministry, Mr Nathan Nkomo, said this in an interview with The Herald on Tuesday.

“We are awaiting the report from the mayor on the issue since he has already said they would institute investigations into the matter,” Mr Nkomo said.

He, however, said it was common practice to buy cars for projects of the magnitude being undertaken by the city.

“It is normal in any construction project of this nature that there is a provision for procurement of vehicles even in Government. However, at the end of the project those vehicles are not owned by individuals but become property of Government,” he said.

When it was pointed that the city had exceeded what was provided for in the project plan, Mr Nkomo reiterated that they would wait for Cllr Manyenyeni’s report.

The full council tasked Cllr Manyenyeni to set up a team of two councillors and three others to look into the matter.

Council spent at least US$2 million on 50 cars that include three sports utility vehicles, 21 double-cab and 21 single-cab trucks from various car dealers in Harare. The city had said it was going to buy eight cars for the project.

The size of the project team and inclusion of certain officials has also been questioned, with sources saying it was largely an electrical and mechanical initiative that did not warrant involvement of some of the executives included.

Source : The Herald