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SOME 9,000 temporary teachers will likely be fired over the next couple of months as the government moves to weed out unqualified personnel from schools.

The development was confirmed by primary and secondary education minister Lazarus Dokora.

Addressing a joint command and staff course at Zimbabwe Staff College in Harare last week, Dokora said his ministry was inviting qualified teachers to start applying for posts around the country.

“All trained teachers who are unemployed must be employed,” he said.

“All those who were employed as teachers and signed illegal or dubious contracts to teach at whatever school must be redeployed where their skills are needed and let qualified personnel take their places.”

The minister said he wanted to ensure that all schools had a full complement of qualified teachers by the the beginning of May this year.

Education was one of the worst affected sectors as a serious brain drain hit Zimbabwe from the turn of the millennium with many professionals going abroad to escape a biting economic crisis.

Source : New Zimbabwe