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Government will adequately fund the National Blood Services Zimbabwe (NBSZ) to enable it to carry out its mandate of ensuring that no life is lost due to blood shortages, Vice President Joice Mujuru has said. She made the remarks after touring the NBSZ in Harare yesterday. During the tour, NBSZ chief executive Mr David Mvere briefed VP Mujuru on challenges facing the institution.

“It is critical that this life-saving institution is adequately funded. We cannot compromise or we cannot make any short-cuts to your funding demands. We have to look for the funds and provide you. It is also my responsibility to encourage Government through Treasury, the private sector, and other players to keep this institution functional,” VP Mujuru said.

She commended the NBSZ for its innovation and effective methods in sustaining the provisions of safe blood.

“I am aware you have been operating under restrictive budgetary allocations. In spite of financial constraints, the institution has persevered and managed to carry out its mandate,” she said.

Government hospitals owe the NBSZ more than US$1,6 million in unpaid bills for supplied blood and related products since last year.

NBSZ supplies blood to 95 hospitals throughout the country.

Source : The Herald