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THE under-fire Zifa Board survived another day in office on Thursday when Sports Minister Andrew Langa told Parliament that government will not dissolve it.

The Cuthbert Dube-led board has been under fire from the football fraternity for maladministration that has led to the auctioning of the football body’s properties to pay off debts.

But Langa said while he agreed there were problems at Zifa the option was to assist, through the Sports Commission, on its revival rather than dissolve it.

If government intervenes, Fifa will ban Zimbabwe and the world football governing body has already warned of the dire consequences.

Zifa is sitting on a $5 million debt.

“We will not as government disband or dissolve Zifa because it has its own structures. If anyone is not happy with any person at Zifa it is better to give them a vote of no confidence. If the councillors are not happy with Zifa, it is up to them to dissolve Zifa – I will not, my ministry will not, and government will not dissolve Zifa.

“Zifa is of major concern to us as a ministry and all Zimbabweans. We have a situation whereby the board itself does not understand each other, but we are trying through our SRC to ensure there is harmony in Zifa.

“We have engaged the SRC to come up with strategies to investigate – not Zifa – but football in this country. We want to find out issues making football to struggle. This calls us to support any association that would have been elected,” Langa said.

The other option, according to Langa, was to ask the Government to take over the debt and allow the next leadership to start on a clean slate.

“Unfortunately the debt that Zifa owes to creditors is a lot. It is a matter I am trying to take to Cabinet so that if they agree they will assume the debt, so that whoever is elected to Zifa starts on a clean slate. As long as government assumes that debt we will see a different Zifa,” he added.

The committee urged the minister to speak to the Finance Ministry to ask them to allocate more funds to different associations who were struggling while also revealing that Zimbabwe Cricket was $20m in the red.

Government still owes creditors about $5 million for the Africa Union Sports Council Region Five Games that took place in Bulawayo last December. In addition, they have to raise funding to send a team to the All Africa Games in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) next year.

Source : New Zimbabwe