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AFTER being controversially awarded a PhD degree, allegedly after two months of registration, Grace Mugabe is going places.

The country’s inimitable First Lady has now had a pathway to the venue of this week’s Zanu PF congress was named after her.

In Zimbabwe, besides President Robert Mugabe no one has had a street named after them while they were still alive, hence Grace has broken yet new ground.

However, political analysts said organisers of the crucial “elective” congress were trying to set the tone for the congress which has been described as a sham after Mugabe, the husband, was given powers to appoint members of the presidium and the poitburo.

Bulawayo-based political analyst Godwin Phiri said the naming of the road was a deliberate attempt to entrench dictatorship.

“As rightly named ‘Dr Grace Mugabe Way’, it sends a clear message that whatever will happen at this congress is Grace Mugabe’s way and nothing else,” Phiri said.

Since her entrance into mainstream politics, Grace has launched systematic and scathing attacks on vice president Joice Mujuru, accusing her of corruption, extortion and trying to topple the President.

The First Lady vowed that Mujuru does not resign, she would suffer the humiliation of being “baby-dumped” at this week’ congress.

Consequent to Grace’s anti-Mujuru ramblings, Zanu PF bigwigs aligned to the vice president have been purged, with nine provincial chairpersons booted out.

National secretary for administration, Dydimus Mutasa, energy minister Dzikamai Mavhaire and several other politburo members and cabinet ministers have seen their campaigns to make it into the party’s central committee blocked for allegedly backing Mujuru.

“This congress is all about what Grace wants and how she wants the party to be run. It will be about more of her and Mugabe than the good if this country,” said Phiri.

Source : New Zimbabwe