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HARARE Town Clerk Tendai Mahachi Tuesday led a group of youths in a clean-up exercise which vendors dismissed as a political gimmick engineered by local government minister Ignatius Chombo with a view to instilling fear in all the informal traders.

Members of a Grace Mugabe linked empowerment lobby group called Queen of Grace Zimasset Trust, criss-crossed central Harare claiming they were cleaning the streets.

But NewZimbabwe.com witnessed some of the youths blocking Inez Terrece Way, telling vendors to temporarily stop business before they conducted a half day long meeting at the front of the Main Post Office.

The youths force-marched vendors to the meeting which they said was meant to speed up the regularisation of vending in Harare.

The rowdy youths told vendors throughout the Central Business District that anyone who defied their order was risking censure.

“We have been aised by the authorities to call everyone vending in town to attend a special regularisation meeting which is aimed at bringing sanity in the city.

“This is an order and we are not compromising,” NewZimbabwe.com heard one of the organisers of the meeting shouting at vendors at Comer Robert Mugabe and Chinhoyi Street Tuesday morning.

“We have been aised by the First Lady to mobilize all vendors so that they are registered and anyone objecting to this directive will see the results very soon,” another youthful man told vendors at Market Square.

Vendors condemn group

At the main post office, the group is said to have issued registration cards to vendors which are due for renewal in 2018.

National Vendors Union Zimbabwe national director Samuel Wadzai told NewZimbabwe.com that his members were not part of the “politically” linked vendor organisation.

“We condemn in the gest of terms the medieval behaviour being displayed by some members of an organisation called Queen of Grace Empowerment that has been threatening vendors with unspecified action since the early hours of this morning (Tuesday) if they don’t take part in their highly political Clean Up Campaign scheduled for today,” he said.

Wadzai said the group does not represent the interests of vendors but was a coalition of Zanu PF people who illegally sell space to vendors in Harare.

“We are aware that the Campaign is a project of Local Government Minister Ignatius Chombo working in cahoots with corrupt space barons he has been defending since his botched attempt to use soldiers to evict us from the streets,” he said.

“We are not going to stand idle as our members face harassment from Minister Chombo and his cabal. We are in the streets not by design, but because of Chombo and his selfish 15th century group of thieves and pretenders.

“If Chombo thinks he is going to get his way on a silver platter then he needs to be reminded this minute that we fear no guns as an organisation”.

Source : New Zimbabwe