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Renowned mbira group Mbira DzeNharira that has been struggling to get a recording company for their upcoming album have engaged Gramma records. The album is set to be released before June. In an interview with The Herald Entertainment, the groups’ leader Tendai Gahamadze said the long search for a recording studio was over and nothing will stop them from releasing their new project.

“We have done the songs and what was left was to get a recording company and fortunately we engaged Gramma records and are now ready for the studio such that before June the album will be out,” he said.

He said they have been sampling a number of new songs on their live performances and they have been well received. “We are currently sampling some of the new songs and they have been well received and in some cases people request the new songs,

“Songs that are on demand include ‘Zamu RaAmbuya’ , ‘Karomo’ and ‘Hombarume Vauya’ among others,” he said. The mbira outfit comprises of Chaka Mukanya Chakandika, a Karimba player, Clemence Mbizi Rice, a Nhovapasi bass mbira player, Takawira Gushungo Devera who plays the lead mbira, Assa Mukanya Wilson (percussion) and Tony Khumalo, who oversees the instruments.

They are headed by traditionalist Tendai Gahamadze who is popularly known as Samaita. Over the years, they have managed to ignite different spots across the world with their timeless mbira music.

Source : The Herald