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A green wedding is a wedding where the couple decreases the environmental impact of their event and is designed to help maintain the environmental surrounding.

This is critical given the increase in wedding events as well the sprouting of wedding venues across the country.

There are many ways to have a “green’ wedding without compromising the wedding’s style or elegance.

Every part of a wedding has eco-friendly options worth considering, and, there’s a shade of green for everyone.

Whether you incorporate just one or two earth-friendly elements, or go completely organic from the silk of your dress to the food you serve, remember that “every green choice makes a difference”.

Why an eco-friendly wedding

The basic reason why eco-friendly or green weddings have been highly encouraged is based on the fact that the world today has suffered a lot from environmental degradation.

Owing to this fact, it is important for each and every one to play a part in saving and protecting the world’s ecosystem.

Although it may seem very simple, an eco-friendly wedding goes a long way in reducing degradation.

Through a green wedding, you can be proud that indeed you have played a role in safeguarding the environment for yourself and for the future generations.

The reality is an environmentally sustainable wedding can happen and it is very simple to plan.

How to effectively plan an eco-friendly wedding Planning an eco-friendly wedding is not difficult and, in fact, it only takes a little care.

The main goal of such a wedding is to conserve the environment and in that case, every part of the plan should focus on reducing the environmental impact of the wedding substantially.

The fundamental principles of planning an eco-friendly wedding begin by setting the stage and the venue in an environmentally sustainable way.

The options highlighted in this article should prove very helpful to you in choosing the best venue.

Once the stage is set, the other things can be done quite easily. In addition to that, it is important to have an experienced wedding planner to see you through this process.

Eco-friendly weddings seem to be the way to go and it is very clear that everyone would want such a wedding.

Remember that it is always the small things that matter and even in a wedding, the small steps you take to make it as environmentally friendly as possible will have a very huge positive effect on the environment around you.

This can be achieved in the following ways:

The reception venue

For couples looking to have an eco-friendly wedding, it is important to make sure that the venue you choose for the reception is as environmentally sustainable as possible.

Choosing a venue helps set the stage and theme for any event and is usually the first major decision.

However, traditional spaces, such as hotel ballrooms and fancy resorts, tend to use loads of electricity, water and other typically not-so-earth-friendly products in order to put on these ultra-glamorous affairs.

Get married outdoors — rain or shine — on a farm or in a meadow and skip the electricity or running water.

There are tonnes of beautiful botanical gardens, hilltops and farms that offer modern conveniences, like sinks and toilets, so you don’t have to sacrifice these comforts.

You’ll still be helping the earth because you’re letting the sun provide all the lighting.

But we know an outdoor ceremony and reception don’t work for everyone. If you want to be indoors, there are several ways you can make it green.

The Stationery

Millions of trees are cut down every year to make paper products, and the process of producing these items pollutes the environment.

These days more and more couples are trying to help by making eco-conscious invite choices.

Stick to e-invites and your wedding web page to spread the word about all of your plans.

Although email is great for quick, casual messages, we don’t think its formal enough for weddings.

That’s why we don’t recommend sending your invites this way. Emailing thank you cards isn’t a great idea either — handwritten notes best show that you appreciate your gifts.

The easy paper-saving solution: Instead of two envelopes, one inside and one outside opt for a single one.

Take it a step further with recycled paper products. Some invites are even plantable — for example paper embedded with seeds.

Guests can plant them in their backyards so the paper turns into flowers, plants or herbs instead of ending up in a landfill or go paperless with sustainable resources.

The Catering

Food is central to any celebration, but trees have to be cut down to prepare the food that will be eaten during the wedding.

And, as with flowers, non-organic fruits and veggies may be treated with pesticides that can harm the earth and farm workers.

An organic meal can be achieved through finding caterer who uses locally grown food.

If bought directly from growers, food needs less time in the fridge and less packaging to stay fresh.

The result: You’ll create less trash and less electricity has to be used. And since the food is coming from a shorter distance, less fuel is needed to transport and the cake can be baked from locally harvested eggs and milk.

Serve what guest can finish and insist on a “clean plate” policy and reduce the food print of your wedding.

In all cases avoid paper plates, tumblers and kaylite as serving options but rather go for reusable plates.

The Wedding Dress

Dresses aren’t always eco-friendly because, after making a pattern, there’s bound to be extra material that gets tossed.

And with man-made fabrics, like most satins, electricity has to be used to create these and the fact that you’ll only wear a wedding gown once also adds to the wastefulness.

There are ways to be green when deciding what to wear. Firstly, check out vintage clothing shops for pre-worn dresses and that way, no new gowns are made and the dress that you buy gets a second wear too. However, if you prefer to wear a brand-new dress, try to find a designer who uses sustainable fabrics created by nature – and not a factory – like organic cotton, silk or hemp and consider letting the bridal party wear clothes they already own. Offer a few guidelines, like a colour or dress length. They’ll love that they can show off their style.

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The Flowers

The most important thing you can do in making your wedding eco-friendly is taking time to choose the best flowers that are environmentally sustainable and biodegradable.

Many farmers douse flowers with chemicals to keep insects at bay and these pesticides kill organic matter in soil that’s needed to keep it healthy and fertile. They’ve even caused illness in the workers who handle them.

Most flowers come from abroad and shipping the flowers adds to fuel use and pollution.

In order to make your wedding more sustainable walk down the aisle minus the bouquet, and leave reception tables bare — or decorate them with things you can reuse in your home after the wedding, like candles.

Another eco-friendly choice is to choose potted blooms or plants as centrepieces.

This way, you can take them home and replant them after the wedding. Another eco-friendly way is to you craft bouquets from paper and bonus points if you’re able to find paper that’s made from post-consumer products.

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Source : The Herald