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When the going gets tough…Gumbura in court diarrhoea attack

JAILED RMG Independent End Time Message church leader, Robert Gumbura on Wednesday forced the deferment of his trial on fresh rape charges when he constantly asked the court to allow him to visit the loo to relieve himself from a persistent diarrhoea attack.

Gumbura, who is serving a 40-year jail term for raping some female congregants from his church, told Harare magistrate Tafadzwa Mtombeni’s court he had gone ill and could no longer concentrate on the proceedings.

“I visited Chikurubi hospital yesterday (Tuesday) in the afternoon as I was not feeling well,” Gumbura said before a packed courtroom.

“I am suffering from a persistent headache, chest pains, diarrhoea, severe influenza, backache, dizziness… as I am speaking now, I feel like vomiting.”

He requested that the matter be postponed until he has fully recovered.

“Right now I am not in a position to concentrate and testify in court or even follow the proceedings. Because of a nagging backache, I cannot even sit properly in the dock and I need to visit the toilet frequently because of the diarrhoea. Though I have begun taking some medication, I am not feeling well at all to stand trial.”

The embattled clergy, who looked pale skinned in prison garb and a shaven head, was a pale shadow of the bubbly, larger than life individual who led a rewarding lifestyle before being jailed for multiple rape.

During Wednesday’s hearing, Gumbura occasionally took quick glances at his wives who sat in the courtroom’s front row.

But despite his complaints, prosecutors wanted trial to proceed claiming Gumbura had presented a fake medical report which only had a signature but did not have the full name of the person who had medically examined him.

Mtombeni had to summon Superintendent Pasipanodya Takaruza, of Chikurubi prison whose signature was also on the medical report, to clarify whether Gumbura was fit enough to stand trial.

Under cross-examination, Takaruza told the court Gumbura was not supposed to have attended court on medical grounds but his superiors had insisted he has to attend his trial.

“I received a medical letter from Chikurubi that Gumbura was unfit to stand trial as he was not well,” Takaruza said.

“I am the one who signed the letter on behalf of my boss who is the officer in charge. My boss initially said Gumbura was not supposed to go for trial, but later on changed his mind and said he must go to court.”

However, Mtombeni was forced to defer proceedings to April 10, to allow the jailed church leader to recover.

Gumbura is this time accused of raping a 29 year old woman who is now South Africa in 2009 when she staying at his house.

During the alleged rape incident, the woman had been living under his care, having been adopted by the church leader from a younger age and taken to school.

The alleged rape, according to the State, occurred in Gumbura’s office back in 2009 in the full knowledge of his secretary, who assisted the incident by locking the two in the office.

The woman, it is further alleged, failed to report the matter to anyone, after Gumbura had threatened to curse her in “satan’s hands” if she did so.

She only reported the matter March 18, 2013 after she had left Gumbura’s church.

Meanwhile, the High Court is Friday expected to decide on a bail application filed by the disgraced clergy, who wants a reprieve from his lengthy incarceration pending the hearing of an appeal against both conviction and prison sentence.

Source : New Zimbabwe