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A 28 YEAR-OLD Masvingo man who was in the habit of robbing women at gunpoint and raping them afterwards has been slapped with affective 26 years imprisonment.

Rirani Mukata, of Chedope Village under Headman Masunda in Chivi, committed the crimes with an accomplice identified as Morgan Mukata who is still at large.

Mukata was initially sentenced to 30 years in prison but had four years were conditionally suspended for 10 years.

The duo raped two of the three women they found walking along a footpath on their way to a local school.

One of the rape victims is seven months pregnant, the court heard.

Mukata initially pleaded not guilty, arguing he was not in the area on the day in question but was however convicted by Magistrate Collet Ncube after a full trial.

Prosecutor Sophia Busvumani told the court that the attack occurred on September 29, 2014 at around 1230 hours when three young women were walking from Mahumucha Village towards Chidyamakono High School for supplementary lessons.

As they approached Gwamazamu stream, Mukata and his accomplice greeted and started chatting with them.

In the course of the conversation, Mukata produced a pistol and ordered the women to walk into a nearby bush.

After force-marching them for several metres, Mukata demanded that the women surrender their money and all valuables. After taking their valuables the duo raped two of the women including the one who was pregnant.

The two rapists then disappeared.

The following morning the duo allegedly pounced on another group of women whom they robbed but did not rape.

Source : New Zimbabwe