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Player of the Year in the World Navi Northern Region Division One league this year will win a car, for the first time in the history of football in the lower divisions and Gunners’ striker Moses Demera is making an early impression. The 25-year-old forward leads the race for the Golden Boot after scoring seven times in eight matches leading the line for the former Premiership champions.

Demera believes he can maintain his impressive goal-scoring rate and with the introduction of the Soccer Stars of the Year awards in the Northern Region this year, his efforts may well pay off.

The awards follow an agreement between Northern Region and World Navi, a Japanese second-hand car dealer.

The agreement will also see the best player of the season getting a car courtesy of World Navi and this has been a motivation for the teams and players this season.

Demera told The Herald the incentives have provided the motivation for a host of players to raise their game in the league and he wants to focus on improving his game.

“It’s too early to say how many goals I will score this season. It’s a big motivation (the awards) but I don’t want to look at it from that side because it will affect my focus,” said Demera.

“I just want to play soccer and this year there is a big difference from the way I played last year.”

The Gunners striker said he was relaxed now and wants to continue with his good start to the season.

“So far I have played eight games and scored seven goals. I am very happy because I have been scoring goals,” said Demera.

“I am motivated by the way I have been playing and I just want to remain humble and keep on scoring.

“Teamwork has been really helping us to win as a team and I am looking forward to maintaining my form so that maybe, by the grace of God, I will keep on scoring.”

Zifa Northern Region chairman, Willard Manyengavana, said they decided to come up with the Soccer Stars awards after World Navi indicated that they will reward the best player.

“When we entered into a partnership with World Navi, a Japan-based company, they gave us a vehicle to give our best player of the year,” said Manyengavana.

“We then saw it fit not to just come up with one person, but 11 players which is the norm in this country.

“What motivated us is the fact that World Navi is giving us a car for the best player and we have seen that already there is competition since we announced that there is a prize for the best player of the year.

“We have noticed a lot of changes in terms of performance from the Northern Region teams. There is a lot of improvement in terms of the performance.”

Manyengavana, however, said they are still working on the modalities on how they are going to honour the other 10 players.

“We are working on the modalities on how to reward the rest of the players, but it’s definite there will be remuneration for the other 10 players,” said Manyengavana.

Source : The Herald