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Dancehall chanter, Emmanuel “Guspy Warrior” Manyeruke’s girlfriend yesterday appeared at the Harare Civil Court with a $560 maintenance claim for the upkeep of their daughter.

Manyeruke’s girlfriend, Steff Dzingeni is accusing him of failing to fend for his three-month-old daughter

Dzingeni told the court that the “Seunononga” hit maker is neglecting his daughter but earns a lot of money through his music career.

She revealed that the money she required was to cater for their daughter since Manyeruke was the one who told her to move out of the house and look for a place to rent.

“He is a Zimdancehall musician and gets $300 or more per show of which he performs every Thursday to Sunday,” said Dzingeni.

“I know he has a wife and a child but he is no longer staying with the wife.

“I want the money because he told me to move out of our family house and look for a place to rent so I cannot go there.

He gets a lot of money from his shows and I know that because we used to sing together,” Dzingeni said.

Dzingeni later reduced the money to $175 after she was told by the magistrate that the money she was claiming was not reasonable since it was for their daughter only.

Manyeruke was not present to respond to the maintenance claim.

Magistrate Siwardi gave a default judgment and ordered Manyeruke to pay $120 for the baby’s up keep.

She told Dzingeni that there was no sufficient evidence that the singer affords $560 per month.

Source : The Herald