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UNITED Movement for Democratic Change spokesperson Jacob Mafume has scoffed at a bid by the MDC-T to recall ‘rebel’ legislators, accusing the party’s secretary general of begging Zanu PF elements for a backdoor return to parliament.

Mafume was reacting to remarks by Obert Gutu, spokesperson for the MDC T, urging supporters to brace for the dissolution of parliament in the next few months.

Gutu’s comments follow reports that the ruling Zanu PF party was preparing to get rid of 100 of its MPs linked to ousted former Vice President Joice Mujuru.

“There has to be a process. You just don’t woke up and withdraw parliamentarians like that in a democracy and it is not legal. This is not a legal position but a desire by Gutu and Mwonzora to get to parliament.

“What is clear is that Gutu who failed to get into parliament, together with Mwonzora(the party’s secretary general) are begging Zanu PF to help them get into parliament so that they can get new cars.

“We know that they (Mwonzora and Gutu) are working with Zanu PF to share the loot. Maybe Gutu now misses the free things he used to get in government,’ said Mafume.

Ruling out the possibility of an early election, Mafume said Zimbabwe does not need elections but sound policy for economic revival.

“We have been having elections for the past 10 years. Almost every time an election worsens our lives.

“Zimbabwe does not need an election which solves nothing and helps no one,’ said Mafume adding that the government can only pass a vote of no confidence on itself and allow the people of Zimbabwe to determine their own destiny.

Early this year, the MDC T suffered a heavy blow that saw 19 of its legislators forming their outfit Movement for Democratic Change Renewal.

Source : New Zimbabwe